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Acesta este inceputul reintoarcerii acasa !
This is the begining of returning home !

Jun 16, 2016

7 Ways to Get More Podcast Subscribers

It takes time and commitment to produce and publish a podcast but don’t forget to spend as much or more time promoting it. Duc Tape site listed here 7 detailed steps you can take to immediately increase your number of subscribers. 

7 WaysTo GetMorePodcastSubscribers

The key to gaining more subscribers is to form a connection with your audience. Give them a sense of who you are and how you think and, not only will it drive traffic to your site, but it could also open up doors for customer growth and monetization.
If you are interested in the technical aspects of podcasting, here’s a show I did with John Lee Dumas of Entrepreneus on Fire where I sketch out exactly how I podcast.
Below you’ll find seven tactics to consider as you build your podcast following.

#1 Guest Selection

#2 Publish Often

#3 Topics & Titles

#4 Guest Hosting...etc...

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