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Jun 13, 2016

Tools to promote your content

In this blogpost you will discover a point of view.

There are 6 phases of the content marketing lifecycle:

Promote phase of content marketing lifecycle
While producing great, engaging content is critical, skimping on distribution will render your efforts useless. As you learned previously, you need to promote your content to get it in front of the audience it was intended for. In the words of Brian Sutter, Director of Marketing at System ID Barcode Solutions, “Brands need to think big picture. Instead of asking, ‘How can I make more sales?’ ask, ‘What does my audience need?’ Audience growth and influencer reach will naturally follow.”
Maximizing your efforts at every phase is critical to content marketing success, but it’s near impossible to do effectively without the proper tools. Now that you know the most efficient tools for producing better content, it’s time to figure out which tools fit your needs best for promoting your content. To do this, we’ve compiled this handy list of content distribution tools you need to add to your marketing arsenal in 2016:

The best content marketing tools for promoting your content

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