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Jun 15, 2016

5 Ways To Create A Successful Marketing Campaign

Email is old school. Social media is new school. And you have to choose one of them to give consistency to your digital marketing campaign. Right?

The following is a guest post by Kerry Creaswood on TheSocialms blogKerry Creaswood is a young and ambitious writer from Savannah, GA. She is interested in self-development, design and marketing. To find more about Kerry – check her Twitter.

Social Media And Email Integration: 5 Ways To Create A Successful Marketing Campaign

Social MediaAndEmail Integration

 For starters, email isn’t old school at all, and it is as alive as it can be – stats are there to prove it. And social media and email can not only be part of the same campaign but also be integrated and complement each other.
To get it done, you will have to put your hands on the right strategies, so you don’t waste time or money. Plus, you don’t want to annoy your customers with an overdose of online presence. So let’s see the best ways to create a successful marketing campaign by integrating email and social media.

1. Add social icons and a tweetable post to your emails;

2. Run retargeting ads on Facebook and Twitter;

3 – Create an email marketing campaign to your social media network (or the other way around);

4 – Create a social group only for your email subscribers;

5 – Make the best of social media network’s features;

Social media and email can walk hand in hand when it comes to digital marketing campaigns. They can feed each other and boost your results as a consequence.
While social media networks appeal for a more relaxed and interactive connection, emails still are a great way to communicate larger pieces of information, and to keep a one-to-one conversation.
So start testing some of the ideas above and check which will be the favourites of your target audience. Not everything will work or suit everybody so keep one eye on your metrics and adjust whatever become necessary.
This way your digital marketing strategy can become successful very soon by integrating these two tools together.


 You can see also this video:


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