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May 10, 2016

How to Increase Organic Traffic

The Importance of Technical SEO

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Technical SEO is often something that's thought about when you first put your website together. It's typically based on best practices that include things like:

  • Only having one H1 on each page
  • Having your highest value pages linked to from the main navigation
  • Adding alt attributes to all of your images
  • Creating clean URLs without dynamic characters
  • Ensuring page load times are kept to a minimum

While these factors are all fairly simple, you'd be surprised how many websites get this stuff wrong. For example, making on-going technical tweaks can do wonders for your organic traffic growth, yet a lot of companies only look at technical issues once and then never look at them again.

 7 Technical SEO Problems (And Solutions)

Problem 1: Broken Links, Redirects & the 404 Page

Problem 2: Blog Pagination

Problem 3: Blog Schema Markup

Problem 4: Custom H1 & Intro on Topic Pages

Problem 5: HREFLANG Tags

Problem 6: Language Meta Tags

Problem 7: XML Sitemap

 Click on the link and Read more about Techincal SEO.

 You can watch also a great video on this topic:

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