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Acesta este inceputul reintoarcerii acasa !
This is the begining of returning home !

May 11, 2016

How to Use Snapchat

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A Detailed Look Into HubSpot’s Snapchat Strategy


Back in 2011, Snapchat was synonymous with risqué teen behavior. News coverage repeatedly warned parents of the damaging effects the platform might have, and as a result, the success trajectory wasn't looking good.
Snapchat is now known as a platform for individuals and brands -- one that allows users to create quick, lighthearted, and even educational video content without using valuable production resources.
To help you get started, we've detailed everything we've learned (so far) below. We'll start by going over the basics -- how to set up an account, create a Snap, leverage effects, etc. -- and jump into some tips after that. 
How to Setup Your Snapchat Account

Snaps vs. Stories: What's the Difference?

How to Use Snapchat for Business: 6 Tips From HubSpot's Snapchat Playbook

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