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May 11, 2017

How can I get verified on all the social media?

Certain steps allow to have a verified account on a social network. It will then be marked with a badge, visible to the users on the profile or page of the brand or personality.
Note: the approach is not systematically offered to professionals or personalities. In this case, it is advisable to make a link between the social network and the official website, in order to better guide Internet users.

accounts on facebook, twitter, pinterest

Here are the steps to certify your accounts on social networks Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest and Instagram.

Certificate my Twitter account
Recently, Twitter now allows its users to apply for certification. This request can be made for a person, or an activity (like your blog, your business, in short ... a brand).
Certification for a person must include:
• At least two links about you (your blog, a Wikipedia page, etc.);
• A motivational text explaining why you should be certified;
• One copy (face and back) of your identity card;
For the certification form, this happens on a new form available on Twitter: To learn more about Twitter certification, visit:

Certify my Facebook account
For Facebook, it's a little faster. If the category of your Facebook page is "Local Businesses" or "Businesses and Organizations", your page may get a gray check badge. If you are an administrator, and your page has profile and coverage photos and can be verified, the option appears in the settings on your page.
To have your page checked, you can use the listed telephone number or a document from your company (for example, a telephone bill). Facebook will only use this information to verify your page.
• Click on "Settings" at the top of your page
• In "General", click "Check Page"
• Click "Check This Page", then click "Start"
• Enter a phone number listed for your business, country, and language
• Click "Call Me Now" to allow Facebook to give you a verification code
• Enter the four-digit verification code and click "Continue"
If you prefer to check your page using a corporate document, follow the steps above and click Check this page instead with documents at the bottom left of the window that appears on the screen. Then import a photo of an official document with the name and address of your business.

Certify my Pinterest account
Since 2012, Pinterest may post the website as certified. On the page, a red acronym to the right of the URL of the website highlights the relationship between the Pinterest account and the official site. This solution is especially recommended for companies who want to link their profile to Pinterest and the official website.
The process involves the integration of an HTML file or a validation meta tag on the company's website:
• Click on "Settings"
• In the "Profile" section, enter your website
• Then, click "Confirm Website"
• Download the custom HTML file and place it at the root of the site, or add the given "meta tag" and insert it in the HTML code of your site
• Click on "Finish" to validate the process
The validation logo appears within a few minutes.

Certify my Instagram account

The audited accounts are allocated by the social network to certain personalities and international brands. It is not currently possible to ask for an audit yourself, but the process could evolve.
Only the Instagram accounts for which the probability of identity spoofing is strong currently have this type of badge. Pending the deployment of audited accounts, the application offers users to post a link to their website or Facebook page on their Instagram profile. It is also possible to integrate an Instagram image stream on an official Facebook page or the company's website.
Facebook pages that have a badge checked do not necessarily have the same type of badge on their Instagram account.

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