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May 12, 2016

Advanced Social Media Strategy That Works

8 Reasons Slideshare Presentations Work Beautifully For Your Marketing

8 Reasons Slideshare Presentations Work Beautifully For Your Marketing
Slideshare - you shouldn't ignore this opportunity. Sure Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest and Instagram (and all the others...) are the cool kids on the block - but Slideshare is an amazing opportunity. 

Slideshare is a content marketing giant that flies slightly under the radar. Many bloggers and marketers do not seem to be fully aware of the potential of Slideshare and how they can easily jump right in and get something out of their efforts by “simply“ creating some outstanding slides and uploading them on Slideshare.
Last year, over three years after being acquired by LinkedIn Slideshare rebranded as LinkedIn Slideshare. As a LinkedIn service, it is also possible to easily add your Slideshare presentations to your LinkedIn profile.

Here are a few tips on what Slideshare can do for your marketing and traffic/lead generatio:

Slideshare is huge but not (yet) overcrowded;

Slides can upgrade your content;

Slideshare lets you find a new audience;

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Read more about Slideshare by clicking here.

You can watch this video to learn How to set up and use Slideshare.

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