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Acesta este inceputul reintoarcerii acasa !
This is the begining of returning home !

Dec 13, 2012

Christmas is a wonderful time. But are you ready to welcome Santa Claus?

Christmas is a hectic time of year !

Many families find that they barely have time to breathe much less cook dishes to bring for this or that function. For this reason there are several great cheat dishes that can be purchased and prepared for the occasions and very few people will be the wiser. Though Christmas may be about being with friends and family it is not about broadcasting a possible lack of talent in the kitchen, time on hand, or a shortage of attention span that is required in order to prepare a stellar dish for your Christmas needs.

Of course, you could begin preparing and freezing large casserole favorites as early as August for the Christmas season. In this instance you could freeze all your family favorites and have great dishes not only for family functions that require a pitch in dish but also for those nights when you are far too busy to be bothered with something as demanding on your limited attention span as actually preparing a home cooked meal. This is possible the best method for each Christmas cooking known to man. If you prepare casseroles and similar dishes that work well with a holiday theme throughout the year be sure to double your efforts next time and freeze half for busier months such as November and December.

 I have a plan for you :

Christmas Week Menu Planner
Here’s a nutritious yet simple menu for the week of Christmas. It’s designed to save you time, stretch ingredients and help make use of Christmas leftovers
Grocery List for Your Week of Christmas Menu Plan
Here is a complete grocery list for the meals included in the week of Christmas menu plan. Just cross off what you already have and then head to grocery store.
Tips for Less Stress during Christmas Week
The holidays are supposed to be a joyous time for families. But between the last minute shopping, the gift wrapping, the planning and the cooking, the week of Christmas can get insanely stressful.Here are some tips to help you keep stress to a minimum so you can enjoy Christmas to the fullest.
What Can You Do with Christmas Leftovers?
With the size of the average Christmas meal, leftovers are to be expected. Don’t let them go to waste. Here are some ideas for what to do with them.

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Christmas Week Menu Planner

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Santa Clauss

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