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Acesta este inceputul reintoarcerii acasa !
This is the begining of returning home !

Nov 15, 2012

Online Marketing –Tips & Tricks

Most people complain how unlucky they are or how unfavorable their situations are. Whether
it’s about their life in general or about work or just about anything else, this is how most people
feel about themselves and life in general.

If you’re in the Internet business or Internet marketing niche and you have an empty or no
“About Me” page on your blog, then you should really kick yourself.

You should become a likeable person so that your audience like, know, and trust you – and the
end result is that they’d want to buy from you. In this report I want to share 5 ways on how to
be a likeable person.

A lot of beginner and intermediate marketers make the HUGE mistake of trying to create NEW
business ideas or concepts to work from because they think that by creating NEW things, they
will attain ADDITIONAL revenue. It’s like “multiple streams of income”, so they say.
(my Internet business school tip though, as you’ll see below, is the TOTAL OPPOSITE…)

Everywhere you go you see people talk about how to succeed online all the time. Today let’s
have a change of appetite shall we? Let’s talk about how to fail online.

You’ve often heard how recruiting your own affiliates to promote your product/service is going
to bring you tons of visitors to your site.

The fact is: we simply can’t make everyone happy. That is simply not possible. Everyone has
different standards and expectations. What impresses customer A may not impress customer B.
But what about: “Do you THINK what he did was in the best interests of the company”?
When you have questions like that, there are bound to be different answers supplied by
different people

Email List Building Is Wrong
… if you build the wrong list!
Almost every Internet marketer who knows what they’re doing is engaging in email list building

All marketers talk about how the money is in the list, but VERY FEW actually talk about the
email marketing facts (those negative facts you most likely don’t want to know) you ought to
know as an online marketer.

Before you get all excited at the thought of starting your very own Internet business, there are
3 VERY important Internet business requirements / points you need to bear in mind.

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