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Acesta este inceputul reintoarcerii acasa !
This is the begining of returning home !

Nov 2, 2012

First advice-Making money online working


The main thing that stops people when they want to start a business online is that they don’t have a clear ideea , or they start in the wrong place.
It’s like if you spent a few weeks learning golf, and then a few weeks messing with tennis. Trust me : you wouldn’t be very good at either one.
In the next lines I will give you the ‘big picture” on where to begin, and the way your online business can progress.
Is not important in this moment your background. You can have the best results if you stay dedicated to the process, and you are linked to the ideea
of  building a business.
They are 3 pillars that you should follow very carrefull:
1. Traffic
2. Monetization
3. Conversion
No matter how you plan to start the business (blogs, niche sites, authority sites, or PPC). All you need is to get traffic(visitors), than you must found a way to make money from that traffic, and  to convert so that you make money from your monetization.
That’s all the secret : you must work daily and to do them well.
Most newbies are thinking that making money online is easy,and somewhere is a “secret” strategie they can use to make a lot of money very quickly.
Wrong ! Wrong ! Wrong !
Focus on that : any attempt at making money online needs to be treated as a real business. There are no secrets, there are no magic strategies. You must learn,plan and work hard(not only at the beginning).
In the real life any business can be highly profitable within days or weeks. Forget that you will be full of money in 7 days.
Now that you understand that, we will start to learn about the Best Online Business Model to Follow. So ,basically, the good way to begin will look like this:
-       Learning about “niche” and how to create a site with quality content.
-       Writing articles based on your content pages and you submit them to article directories.
-       build high quality back links to your site and bring traffic.
-       test different monetization strategies such as Adsense, digital products(Clickbank), or physical products(Amazon).
-       setting an autoresponder series of 10-20 emails for each subscriber will be sent that further informs/sells your product(s).
-       you do this until you have 4 or 5 niche sites.
-       you go back and analyze which niche site is performing the best.
-       build more pages and move towards making the site an authority site.
Remember this : I can teach you all the good stuff about this model. Starting with how to setup a site.
This obviously takes a lot of work, but it is a sustainable, highly-profitable business model that ANYONE can do.

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