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Sep 16, 2012

Reiki - Healing at Your Fingertips

Looked upon as a mysterious practice, reiki originated from Japan, around 1922. Started by a Japanese Buddhist, this practice of purported healing basically uses the palm of an individual to emit positive healing energy unto the patient. Sometimes reiki is referred to as oriental style treatment by professional medical bodies.
The Basics
Generally categorized into three main stages of expertise, such as first degree, second degree, and third degree, a reiki practitioner is able to heal himself or herself and also others. The second degree practitioner had the ability to heal others from a distance, also known as distance healing. The third and highest degree is the ultimate level where the practitioner is now thoroughly well versed and equipped with the necessary knowledge and skill to teach and attune others to the practice of reiki.
Simply put, reiki is a form of healing using the holistic concept without the use of medications of any sort. The reiki practitioner typically places his or her hands over the individual needing the healing. The belief is that the positive energy is then drawn by the recipient to enhance the natural healing processes. There are even some seemingly bizarre claims that the healing energy is self seeking and can “zero” in on the injury to commence the healing process.
The dominant factor in reiki is the positive energy it is purported to emit for healing purposes. As the energy of the practitioner is expected to be at optimum levels and of course ideally positive, there are certain requirements a successful reiki practitioner needs to follow. Keeping the body and mind as pure as possible is one of the prerequisites.
Some people believe the Japanese reiki is more focus and intuitive to specific areas that need the healing, as opposed to the western reiki style that generally treats the whole body.
Getting Schooled
Achieving the purest and clearest mind set is the basis of reiki because the energy needed to make a successful transfer to another individual for healing purposes consists of positive energy. Some people even connect this to being one with body and mind which yet some others say has a certain connection directly to God.
Some people who have taken this art form very seriously attest to having psychic sensitivity. Some even claim to have the “third eye” capabilities, increased awareness of the surroundings even to its molecular levels.
All these serve practically when addressing one’s general health issues. The ability to harness this positive energy translates to the ability to heal and be healed. People who don’t want to go through extensive western style medical processes sometimes find miraculous results when reiki is practiced. Reiki is an element that once learnt and mastered stays with the individual for life. It is not something that can be forgotten easily.
The successful practice of reiki affects the body, mind, and emotions. As toxins that are stored in the body system over time are often attributed to causing much negativity in the body, practicing reiki enables the release process to begin, using positive energy. Understanding the seriousness of negative energy impacts, enables reiki to be an effective means of gaining optimum health conditions.
However to successfully practice reiki, one has to be prepared to make certain lifestyle changes. These requirements all have beneficial qualities.
What To Watch For
To ensure the potential reiki practitioner is able to garner positive energy, certain sacrifices needs to be made. Refraining from consuming meat, fowl or fish a few days before attempting a reiki session is a prerequisite.
As purity is the ultimate goal when practicing reiki, consuming food and drink items that contain drug, pesticides, toxins and other negative ingredients are strongly forbidden. These negative elements cause the body system to be thrown off balance and so disrupting the smooth flow of positive energy.
Going on a water of just juice fast is encouraged. Minimizing caffeine intake or cutting it out altogether is also required. These elements also create imbalance in the nervous and endocrine system. Other things to avoid at least three days before practicing a reiki session are alcohol, sweets, and smoking.
Keeping a quiet and peaceful lifestyle is also encouraged, however this may prove to be difficult in the fast pace surroundings of everyday life. Reducing exposure to outside negative elements is also necessary, thus watching TV, listening to unsettling music and reading distressing news are all discouraged.
Keeping away from all other negative mental states, like, anger, fear, jealousy, hate, worry are important, as these emotions can block a person from achieving a successful reiki session.
In some extreme cases, reiki practitioners tend to ostracize themselves from others, simply because they consider those around them “contaminated” and full of negative energy, which they don’t want to be connected to.
A Mind Opener
When an easy and non invasive option is available, coupled with the possible health recovery tag, most people are keen to explore these avenues of healing. However embarking on the reiki style of treatment should never be at the expense of discontinuing all other current medications, or other ongoing medical procedures.
Reiki is a holistic style of treatment which is meant at its early stage to compliment any preexisting treatment the patient may be undergoing. The reiki element is meant to work with the positive energy derived to combat any preexisting negatives in the body system. As reiki energy is meant to be dispersed according to the particular area needing the positive energy, prior diagnoses or prescriptions are unnecessary. Besides being unnecessary it is also unethical to make any such recommendations.
People is severe medical conditions have made claims of a certain percentage of success after using reiki as an added and complimenting healing feature. The positive energy emitted from the reiki practitioner unto the recipient is often noted as very calming and helpful. With this positive energy flowing through the recipient’s body some of the
medically impaired elements can be eradicated to a certain extent. If continued for a longer period of time, if is even possible to eradicate the ailment altogether.
For an individual that takes his or her health for granted and does not really take precautions to keep a healthy dietand lifestyle, taking up reiki can be the turning point to a better understanding of the importance of good health and mind conditions.

Next time we will talk about the Reiki benefits.
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