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Sep 17, 2012

Reiki-The Benefits

Most diseases, mind conditions and even the abuse of the environment has been linked to the negative elements at one time or another. The practice of reiki, can to some extent eliminate this negative aspect or energy, and replace it with positive energy.
Reiki’s positive energy addresses the mind, body, and surroundings that connect it altogether one way or another.
When reiki is used to address the mind, elements like the thought process, can be tuned to only consist of positive thoughts.
When the state of mind is trained to always be positive, a lot of good can be achieved and even transcend into the surroundings. Besides the thought process, the reiki style of transferring positive energy unto another can help create a better state of actual mental health. Headaches, migraines, stress, and other brain related problems can be successfully addressed with the positive energy of reiki.
Considered to be relatively “free”, the reiki art of transferring positive energy also works when applied to address ailments in the body. This positive reiki energy is used to flush out any negative energy which may be contributing to the ill health of the individual.
Reiki’s positive energy transfer does not involve any amount of pain or discomfort. In fact most people have attested to experiencing a comforting warm feeling which in some cases causes such relaxation that dozing off during a session is not unusual.
Reiki has also been known for its distance healing abilities. This unusual feature is another advantage to those seeking this type ofhealing to compliment an ongoing medicinal regiment. An experienced reiki practitioner can transfer positive energy through quiet meditation quite successfully.
A Few More Advantages
There are also other little known advantages to practicing reiki, though none any less beneficial. Some reiki practitioners practice this art form to induce spiritual clarity. In offering the relief needed during emotional distress and sorrow, reiki helps one be more connected to the center of one’s spirituality, thus preventing the state of mind and body to feel totally drained.
Reiki also works to relief pain while improving the general blood circulation throughout the body. In doing so, reiki can also contribute to hastening the stoppage of small bleeding wounds. Some reiki practitioners also attest to the benefits of the cleansing element reiki can effect in the liver, arteries, spleen, gall bladder, and lungs. There are many other illnesses or ailment the reiki has been found to play a positive role when introduced as a complimenting therapy to ongoing medical procedures or medications. Some of these medical conditions have to be endured with considerable pain before reiki was introduced, to bring the much needed relief, at least from the pain enduring angle.
Some medical conditions are generally linked to some kind of imbalance and reiki has also made positive in road in the area. Medical conditions such as chronic and acute nose bleeds, chronic insomnia, depression, menopause to name a few are where reiki has been a positive benefit.
Reiki has also been known to be used to speed up the recovery process after surgery. The positive energy transference helps to bring about a positive and quick recovery, without the use of further adding on any medications.
Putting It Into Action
Some people have found that by adding the use of reiki to their ongoing medical regiment, positive results have been noticed. Such noticeably positive results range from faster recovery to actually cutting down on some medication that are no longer needed to treat the medical condition due to the positive energy garnered from reiki. Ideally reiki should be practiced for a reasonable amount of time before some positive results can be expected. In doing so, one can also feel the changes in other areas, such as the new mental capabilities brought on by the positive energy. In order to benefit from reiki effectively, the exercise of transferring positive energy must be done with the recipient’s cooperation and wiliness to explore this style of healing. A positive mind set is almost a prerequisite to the success of a reiki exercise.
Many scientific researchers today are willing to acknowledge the power in positive energy, when it used for its healing potential. Scientists are often a skeptical bunch, and for this sort of acknowledgment to be forth coming, proves that reiki can be a beneficial tool in helping the healing process. Some even go as far as to say the positive element is permanently contained in every individual and learning to tap into this energy has a high potential in guarding one’s health.
The best way to use reiki for the purpose of healing or simply to gain a holistically healthy state of body and mind is to experience the process itself. As there are no known side effects, reiki is considered a safe endeavor, to embark upon.

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