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Sep 18, 2012

Reiki-Additional Discoveries

Though reiki has been around for a long time and practiced successfully in many ancient cultures, mostly Asian, it is fast gaining popularity with the younger set of people.
Some athletes have opted to use this method of healing to compliment their ongoing medical treatments with astounding results.
Using the positive energy the reiki style of treatment is based on, to counter act the negative elements of an injury, the healing process of many athletes today have taken on a faster pace.
Adding to this surprisingly faster healing time frame is the “better than before” condition of the injury affected area.
Some new break-throughs have also been made, with the usage of reiki in areas where the Aids disease has caused untold misery to many individuals.
This promising state of using reiki as the positive energy to combat all the negative elements brought on by the Aids disease is encouraging many people to try out reiki.
Distance healing using the reiki technique is another effective way of healing an ailment. As it is not always convenient or even possible to be by a patient’s side for various reasons, opting to use reiki is not only currently widely practiced but also touted to be just as effective in providing the much need relief and healing.
Some people, who have practiced reiki for long periods of time, have even been documented to be promoting this style of healing for pets.
In trying to seek the best treatment for the beloved pet, some individuals have turned to reiki for its non invasive and gentle style of treatment. There are many reported cases of success as this style does not further stress the already unwell pet.

Things To Consider
Some of the areas suggested, to be looked into before making the relevant choices like where, when, who etc….are as follows:
• Reiki benefits
• Treatment process
• Reiki credentials
• Treatment rates – if any
• Reiki training
• Reiki workshops and testimonial
• Credited reiki practitioners
• Possible tools and materials
When doing the necessary research it should be noted that surfing the net for the specific needs takes time and patience. When it comes to the subject of reiki, there is not only a lot of information available but some of this information can be quite contradictory.
The contradiction arises from the different ideas and philosophies involved in the research and practice of this art form. Though confusing at times, the various testimonial available for perusal can help make an informed decision.
Using the internet to help locate the nearest suitable centre, group or society practicing reiki is also a good idea.
Several reading material can also be sourced to provide information about the reiki art form of healing and holistic approach to the body and mind.
However it should be noted that this particular art form can sometimes be quite individualistic. Many people have successfully practiced the art of reiki on themselves.
The reiki style makes it possible to use this art form to treat the body and mind without necessarily having the angel of healing in mind. Reiki can just be used individually to create a positive atmosphere for the enjoyment and comfort within one’s own privacy.

What You Could Be Missing
Being a practice of transferring positive energy into a negative environment, reiki provides the necessary leverage often needed to combat a negative state of health which is causing or has caused the presence of a disease.
In not exploring the possibility of using reiki for treatment of health conditions, a great loss of possible recovery or arresting of the medical condition cannot be realized. Reiki not only helps in the physical healing process but it also helps in the mental state of mind.
A lot of medical problems seemingly starts or is attributed to the state of mind of an individual, thus by using reiki the first step in combating the ailment, or illness can commence.
As reiki can be performed on oneself, reiki can also be practiced regularly to eventually bring about a positive outlook in life. With a better mental state of mind, which contributes to a positive outlook the quality of life enjoyed by the individual can be very rewarding indeed.
Although not much research has been done to create conclusive evidence, some sources have attested to the overall positive experience during pregnancy when reiki is practiced. This deduction is made simply on the basis of having a lot of positive energy both in body and mind through the practice of reiki. Because of this said positive energy which surrounds the expectant mother, the condition and well being of the baby is also assured. Happier and healthier babies are the positive by product of practicing the reiki art form.

Wrapping Up
You might have turned to the yellow pages of your phonebook in search of a Reiki practitioner in your community.
Nevertheless, very few practitioners advertise their services utilizing this media. Reiki practitioners work out of clinics, hospitals, spas, and home businesses.
A few practitioners supply house-calls, traveling to your location to present treatments. Check into message board postings in natural grocery stores, metaphysical stores, yoga classes, community colleges, and so forth. Reiki practitioners frequently rely on word of mouth from their regular customers in attracting new ones.
There are a lot of different types of Reiki systems, so make sure to ask any questions you might have about a practitioner’s services before you book a session.
Would you like to learn how to heal yourself and others using Reiki energy? The Alternative Healing Academy offers quality, comprehensive home study courses in all three Reiki levels. You can learn at your own pace - and they even have payment plans!
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