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Jun 9, 2016

Social Media Isn’t Working?

Social media isn’t dead – it’s just fed up with how it’s being abused. There’s a gap between how marketers use social media and how consumers consume social media content, so I’ve listed here five practices for social media use that I am trying to embrace.

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 A recent study by Social Fresh, called the Future of Social Media, showed that the primary goal of social media for 76% of those surveyed was to create awareness.

If you seek to take advantage of the awesome potential of social media you, have to do some work. This has always been true, but in the early days, you could afford some laziness if you were an early adopter.

  Today there are five practices for social media use that I’m am trying to embrace and that I am advising anyone that will listen to embrace. (I could also write the flip side piece as five social media bad habits you must break.)
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