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Apr 18, 2014

How to not damage you weight on Easter

Step away from the cookie tin and watch this Howdini! Today Show contributor and registered dietitian Elizabeth Somer will help you get through the holidays without packing on the pounds.

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How to prevent holiday weight gain

The good news? The average American 'only' gains one to two pounds from Thanksgiving to New Years, not the seven that we've heard about for years. The bad news? Many of us don't lose those extra pounds in the new year. Over a decade, that adds 10 to 20 extra pounds!

Preventing weight gain over the holidays is particularly difficult because food is virtually everywhere we turn. And the temptations are frequently high-calorie goodies that provide little, if any, real nutrition.

There's also more stress over the holidays — parties, shopping, families, travel — and many of us deal with stress by (over) eating.

In addition, alcohol is ubiquitous, and alcohol can 'dissolve our resolve' making it easier to eat high calorie goodies and providing extra, sometimes many extra, calories in our drinks. (Some Eggnog or Hot Buttered Rum servings contain 300 to 400 calories. Each! Not exactly at the top of the list for healthy holiday eating. Have three or four over the course of an evening party, and that's a substantial portion of your total daily calorie allowance...)

The best way to prevent weight gain over the holidays? Have a game plan to avoid unconscious, unplanned, mindless eating:
* Make a vow to keep a log of everything you put into your mouth. Sure, it's a bit of a pain, but it will make you conscious of what you eat and help you avoid the mindless consumption of treats that you don't really savor, and don't register on the body's appetite regulating system. Having a plan and keeping a log will also help you really enjoy the Christmas fudge that you only eat once a year because it is part of your plan!

* Keeping a log will also help you establish healthy holiday eating habits and control the mindless noshing and grazing that you do during the holidays. (Figure that each mouthful of food is about 25 calories. Make even 4 stops at work, at a party or at the mall for 'just a taste' of candy/cookie/ popcorn/ nuts/brownie and you've got the makings of a one pound weight gain in a month.)

* Your healthy holiday eating plan can still consist of your favorite foods. Consider modifying your holiday recipes to make them better choices. For example, sweet potatoes are a great food. Unless you load them up with butter and marshmallows...

* Try making food only the accent to other richer, more satisfying activities over the holidays. Activities that enable you to spend time with the people that you love and not gain weight! For example, have a party that focuses on getting together and writing cards and making ornaments — or wrapping gifts — rather than eating.

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