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Acesta este inceputul reintoarcerii acasa !
This is the begining of returning home !

Mar 12, 2013

The Universal Collaboration

This article is comming from the Founder of The Universal Collaboration- Dean Shaw
I am Dean Shaw, a 23 year old who is passionately living in a harmonious way, creating endless ripples of positive change throughout the globe as I travel my path of being. For me this means to live in a way where every thought, word and action is performed and controlled in a very conscious, mindful and heartfelt manner.
I left my home in Scotland on the 3rd of August 2012 with nothing but £70 (and the secure knowledge of enough money being sent to me through friends and family) , my 40kg backpack (including tent), a dream of travelling the world and strong intentions to birth the organisation called “The Universal Collaboration” that I have been creating over the last 2 years through focussed visualisation and idealisation.
Even with the idea of what my goals and intentions were, I still had little knowledge of how I was going to achieve everything I dreamed of doing at the time of setting off into the unknown. Currently, I am over 7 months into my journey and the ideals in which I have for The Universal Collaboration are still unfolding and becoming much clearer and fuller as I take more action towards making it an active part of the reality in which I am living and sharing with others.
With The Universal Collaboration in mind I am being able to get to work on this very ambitious programme and integrate it into my shared reality where ever I go in a relaxed and naturally organic fashion. I have recently discovered a new direction in which I am now acting upon; what was previously unclear and unknown has come to show me an illuminated path in which I now walk as I am consciously transforming and growing into who I knew I was all along.
I now understand that I am very interested in the idea of sustainability (not just human) and with this knowledge I no longer feel like I am lost with no solid direction in my own vision and dream. When I first left home I still had a fairly vague idea of how the ideals of The Universal Collaboration would be successfully integrated into the global society and individual mind; I only had an idea of working with other organisations (non-specific) towards a common goal of global and individual harmony. The way to the life in which I am now creating on our planet has took a new and sudden leap towards a very specific goal as I set off on my 800km trek between Sofia and Athens to help launch The Universal Collaboration into the realm of the known and heard of, which, in my mind has been monumentally successful and will continue to rapidly develop. I now have a much clearer cut plan than before as I have been concretely focussing on my own ideals and that of The Universal Collaborations whilst creating, experiencing, sharing and advancing the launch campaign.
I have begun to travel in a newer and more direct fashion; I will now be travelling the world from one sustainable community to the next as I learn and contribute in a consciously active manner during a more harmonious and fulfilling life. It was only on the day that I left for my 800km trek that a sudden shift in awareness occurred. At first it was very uncomfortable for me as it came with a great bout of emotional confusion as these new plans came directly from the unknown and unseen realms of the powerful forces of the subconscious landscapes in which govern the majority of life. Over a period of a few days things unfolded systematically to become very clear and concise as to where I am now heading as I pioneer on behalf of The Universal Collaboration. The ideals in which have been consciously created and targeted in a very strong and concrete manner have now helped show me the way in a harmonious, powerful and clear way.
As I spend the next few years travelling to different sustainable communities around the world I will be gaining valuable knowledge that is securely leading me to start my own sustainable community which would also create a comfortable income to be shared amongst its members and will act as The Universal Collaborations headquarters. We will be living and sharing a much finer way of life with everything a thriving, happy and harmonious community needs; from vibrant art, forward thinking music, film and visionary projects as well as the latest advancements in sustainable technology and creative wizardry.
Where does “The Universal Collaboration” come into this as an organisation? Well now that I know this on a much clearer and deeper level I will be able to explain this. As I travel around the world I will be creating a network that will link these communities together in a way that has never been done before. With the funding I create for The Universal Collaboration through the sales of my adventurous and crazy tales held within my books and that of sponsorship funding, grants and donations made from supportive individuals we will be able to create a richness and fullness of life that can be shared amongst all these communities to reach a fulfilling level of income and shared wealth which will benefit future generations to come. Together we will be creating a new global culture that represents the new golden age of awareness that will have a new kind of song, dance and vision to complete it. This is a bold mission that is restoring the universal balance of power towards the individual and local levels through consciously creative power and a fair global network of collaborative harmony and peace.
Once this new system has been established on a fuller and deeper level we will have enough wealth to share amongst our global community (even as it rapidly develops) and allow members of these communities to travel the world through this created network in a comfortable manner that allows people to fully live their dreams and visit anywhere they wish as part of the programme in which The Universal Collaboration is installing. I believe that this is a complete, perfect, strong, powerful, loving, harmonious and happy system that is self-fulfilling and self-correcting. This is truly sustainable and in complete alignment with natural and universal laws that will offer humanity a way of life only dreamed of heretofore.
In my mind (and many other minds), this has already been achieved on so many levels. The fun and interesting part is yet to be experienced and I am really excited for being part of this new development and I openly invite people to become an integrated part of this project. We are looking for a team of scientists who specialise in social and sustainable sciences, musicians, artists, writers/bloggers, administrators, marketers/advertisers, visionaries, inventors, web-designers/ programmers, members of existing sustainable communities, existing organisations interested in partnership, sponsors and of course any enthusiastic and innovative individuals who feel that they can contribute in a valuable way and want to be at the forefront of leading this new and global updated programme into a much fuller and deeper reality.
Feel free to donate as this will help with the foundations being laid and built upon into a more concrete reality. All donations will be used in a way that is transparent and constructive towards the full embodiment of this vision. Currently it is only me (Dean Shaw) who is an active member as the visionary director and founder of The Universal Collaboration. I am now at the stage to open my doors and let the universe flood into this movement freely and harmoniously whilst creating a committee of 13 board members and an expansive network of participants (which includes myself) to help create a non-profit organisation that everyone is talking about and wanting to participate in.
Every donation will receive a copy of the contract in which has been consciously created to propel this vision into concrete reality much sooner than anyone can expect. One must make a contribution from as little as $1 to receive a copy to read and sign and at your own pleasure. This is a fair exchange and allows people of any financial background to contribute in relation to what is affordable to them. This contract holds the master key for unlocking the full potential of the individual and global mind in a simple and constructive manner that allows everyone participating through contribution to benefit in yet unseen ways.

All donations can currently be made here:-
Fundraiser project
If you have any questions or ideas regarding how you may get involved please email me at:-
Thank you for taking an interest in our project and we hope to hear from you very soon

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