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Sep 13, 2012

Aromatherapy Mini Course -The end


A diffuser is a ‘tool’ which you can use as a method of helping diffuse the molecules of an essential oil into the air.The diffuser enables you to best use the affects of the aromatherapy treatment as you breath in your ordinary air.
One of the simplest methods of diffusion is through a tissue or handkerchief. The tissue has several small drops of the oil placed onto it but this tissue will carry the molecules wherever you take the tissue. It is extremely portable and can be tucked into a pocket and taken with you through your day, unobtrusive and portable.
Steam Diffusion
Steam diffusion is another method. You can boil a few cups of water and pour it into a bowl. Several drops of the oil will be placed into the bowl. The fact that the water is already hot will keep the water releasing steam into the air.
However, this steam will now carry the essential oils with it, this is a relaxing why to try to use Aromatherapy and can be a perfect compliment to a spa treatment or a massage treatment.
Candle diffusion
In this method you light a candle and allow it to burn for a few minutes. After a little while, put out the candle and place a drop of the oil into the melted wax and then relight the candle. Be very careful, as essential oils are extremely
flammable! You want to keep the oil in the wax and not near the flames to prevent them from catching on fire. This is not a good method for therapeutic aromatherapy as heat can destroy important properties of the oils.
Fan diffusion
This can also be quite effective. In this method, a fan diffusers uses the fan to blow the essential oil into the air. The fan blows across a disposable pad or tray that is placed within the overall system. The air blown from the fan carries across the tray, lifting particles of the oil into the air..

 How should Essential Oils be Stored?
One important key fact to note about essential oils is that they do not go bad. Therefore, storing them can be quite simple with some careful precautions. They are commonly sold in small bottles but if you are making your own blends, you can find different sized bottles to use (keep in mind that if your blend has a perishable oil in it, this limits your ability to store it).
While essential oils do not go bad, they can lose their effectiveness and deteriorate. Some oils may even oxidize and lose both aroma and therapeutic benefits, but this is not true for all oils. It is best to keep your oils in a translucent (but not transparent) bottle.
Amber or blue bottles are best for this because they will diffuse the light that will try to get in to the oils. Dark glass is always best for storing all of your aromatherapy items, particularly those, which can cause photo toxicity as they are more susceptible to the adverse effects of light.
In fact, it is such an issue that you use dark glass that you should not purchase an oils sold in clear containers. You will not be able to ascertain how long this oil was in a clear container and it could have been exposed to light and lost its potency already. Look out for containers that use rubber stoppers as well. While this may seem to be extremely convenient, a rubber stopper can get turned gummy from the highly concentrated oil and should always be kept out of the bottle itself. Keeping this oil in a bottwill ensure that you do not get access oil breakouts.
Another key thing to be aware of is that aluminum bottles can be used for storing as long as they are lined on the interior. Anything that is not lined should not be used.
Keep your essential oils in a dark, cool location where they are away from the sunlight and kept in a relatively low temperature (not refrigerated or frozen). This is the best way to ensure they will last as long as possible. Heat is likely to accelerate deterioration as is sunlight, and this can cause your oils to go bad.
It is my hope, that armed with this information, you will now be able to enjoy the benefits that aromatherapy can bring to your life.

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